How to maintain grooved pipe fittings in summer

How to maintain grooved pipe fittings in summer

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Grooved pipe fittings are common pipe connecting fittings in our life now. They have the advantages of convenient use, corrosion resistance and service life.

1. In summer, it can not be stored with corrosive substances. In summer, the molecular diffusion in the air is more severe and it is easy to damage the groove pipe fittings when put together with corrosive substances.

2. Frequent inspection and maintenance should be carried out after use to prevent the loss of parts, and the pipe fittings can not be disassembled at will when they cross with other pipe fittings.

3. Leaking of grooved pipe fittings may also be caused by falling paint, so it is necessary to check the paint inside the sealing surface in time. In case of falling, it is necessary to clean and replace the new grooved pipe fittings in time. The most important thing is still to check regularly.



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